This is Embarrassing...

Friday, April 16, 2010

It seems for over a year I've been ever mindful... someplace else. Certainly on my other blog, Novel Matters. At my desk - learning new ways of winning bread. Fighting with one novel idea till I had to admit defeat - for now - and starting another one in its place. Marrying off a son and gaining a beautiful daughter in law. Welcoming a new grandchild by my step-son and his beautiful wife. Just not blogging here.

I've thought from time to time of pulling Ever Mindful off the web so it wouldn't remain a "to do" that I didn't.

But that's not what I want. I think of the purpose I set for this blog, to be a place to share thoughts about how one lives well in times of stress, and I realize I still have lots of thoughts about that, lots of books I'm reading, films I'm seeing, people I'm talking to, and lots of questions to ask you.

So I'm back. Blowing the dust off my "Keep Calm" poster, sharpening the pencils. If you've never been here before, I hope you'll look around. It's going to remain a pretty casual place. I won't promise a set schedule, and I might not edit over much. But I do intend to post here more often.

Like next week. Because I read something surprising recently about what the Book of Genesis really has to say about women. And last night I saw a film that shows women being exactly the sorts of... women, strong, beautiful, powerful women the book describes. The whole thing impresses me out of my socks.

But that deserves a post all its own that doesn't begin with me blowing dust.

So I'll see you soon.