"In the Days of the Angels...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

... The hair on the necks of the people,
Didn't it stand like static?"

That's the beginning of a favorite Christmas poem, which gave its name to a favorite book by Walter Wangerin Jr., In the Days of the Angels.

This is the book that somehow drove me to the keyboard to begin a novel of my own, which was later published as To Dance in the Desert. It was January of 2003, and I still had not found the holiday spirit. Better late than never; better sooner than summer. So I picked up Wangerin's book, and was escorted into the wonder of Christmas.

In a recent interview I was asked to state my life's message, and I stuttered around till I found something, anything I could say that would pass for an answer. I botched it, was what I did. Recently I looked at the tag line I put on my header months ago. "Duh!" said I to myself, sure that the interviewer had expected exactly that phrase: "Don't miss the wonder."

And it's not bad, for a life's message. (Though, I don't know, mightn't it be like the name on the white stone of Revelations, that only God knows?)

If I could, I would buy a copy of this book for each of you, because it is filled with poetry and stories that will lift you past the stars. I wish I could give that to you this Christmas, but I must at least point the way. Take some time to look around, and to read a good book. Don't miss the wonder.


Sharon K. Souza said...

A beautiful post, Katy, and a beautiful reminder. Shouldn't the hair on our necks buzz with electricity, and our souls too? God, help my soul to buzz with the excitement, the wonder, of you today and always.

Jan Kern said...

I have baskets and stacks of Christmas books and stories I bring out every year at this time. This is one I don't have yet, but I'm now intrugued--mostly by how its message touched your life and reminded you of God's wonder. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed, wonder-filled day (and life!), Katy.

Latayne C Scott said...

I love the look of this blog!